Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The trip down south!

So we decided to drive back to Georgia from Utah for our reception there. We also decided to drive straight through and just trade off driving and sleeping without stopping. So at 5 pm on Monday afternoon we embarked on our journey. What in the world were we thinking. We had a great time because we both love road trips but 2000 miles got real old real quick. We did enjoy seeing all of the different cities and the different landscapes of the country. One of the coolest cities we saw was a small city in Illinois. The name of the city was metropolis and it was the home of superman. It was pretty awesome. We got some really cool pictures there. We finally made it to Boyd's parents house around 3 am Wednesday morning and the never felt so good. We slept till around noon and were going to spend the next few days helping to get everything ready for the reception out here. We'll be sure and post once the reception is over.


The next day we found out the our family had spent the whole night making Cinnamon rolls and wedding cakes for the reception. We all then spent our entire morning/afternoon in the church getting ready for the reception. The decorations were beautiful. Amanda, bekahs sister, spearheaded The Project: Reception! She did an amazing job. She put together a vineyard theme with our colors, Plum and Ivory. The reception went smoothly and we really enjoyed seeing everyone who came. We are so grateful to everyone for all you did. We were able to take lots of photos of our families. And we really enjoyed the pictures even though neither of us are very photogenic. We also would like to thank everyone else who participated and helped, Johanna and Amber for the cakes, Liz for the hair and makeup, Mark and Jamie for holding down the book, Bug and Jarred for there support and Holly the kitchen extraordinaire. Over all it was a wonderful evening, one we will never forget. To Amanda: there are no words that can express how grateful we are for all that you did! To the rest of our family's: thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

The day it all Began

October 16th 2009 We were married in the Mt Tempanogis Temple in American Fork, Utah. We couldn't have asked for a better day. The ceremony was short and sweet and we really enjoyed being there with all of our familys. The weather was beautiful and everything was just awesome. Thanks to everyone who was there to share this special day with us.